Friday, April 28, 2017


Top Notch has been selected and approved as an agency who can report rental payments to Experian RentBureau Credit Agency. 
This is a big deal! 

I am excited that Top Notch is being recognized as a key player in the property management industry. 

What does this mean for Us, Owners and for Tenants?

Owner Benefits:
 - Reduces tenants who skip out on their obligations
 - Improves any bad-debt recovery
 - More steady cash flow
 - Creates a better Tenant obligation to pay on time

Property Manager Benefits (also owner benefits):
 - Helps Identify highest quality residents
 - Stops repeat late payers and NSF payments
 - Avoid renting to serial skippers
 - Reducing Manual Verifications

Tenant Benefits:
 - Build credit history
 - Keeps Tenant accountable
 - Improves Credit Scores for Favorable payments


Rental Payments History Data Reporting:
1)  On time as well as late payments
2)  Bad Checks and/or insufficient funds (NSF)
3)  Lease Terms (beginning, end, move in and move out dates)
4)  Outstanding Balances and/or write-offs
5)  Rental Collection Activity

Why does this matter?
 - 108 Million of 308 Million US residents rent
 - Increasing number of life long renters
 - Many credit consumers who have no score also are renters
 - 64 million US consumers have insufficient or no credit history

Top Notch Property Management & Sales will continue to strive to better serve our clients and customers.   Call us today! 928-772-4801 or email at We will share other benefits to having our company manage your investment property.

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