Tuesday, July 18, 2017


How times flies when your having fun!  

I started pondering this statement last week when I realized how long it had been since I posted a blog.   I was thinking it had only been a couple of week when I looked to see it was the end of May when I posted my last blog.  WOW!  How can a little over a month go by and I have no concept of that amount of time that has just passed by?   It is a strange thing, this time stuff.   We set our clocks, our phones and any other timing device by this time which we follow every single day.  We set appointments by time.  We set parties by time and almost everything in our world is set by time.  

What if we did not have time?  What would our world look like?  I am guessing some level of chaos which eventually would end the civilization as we know it. 

I personally love structure, time is one of those things you can rely on giving us comfort that each day will come and go within a time frame.   A friend of mine's mother was murdered and I was not sure how to comfort my friend.  It was something I had never dealt with.  I called her husband and asked what I could do for them, buy them food, clean their house, take care of the kids etc.. and his response was so profound..... Just spend time with her, love her and cry with her!  Just spend TIME with her!?  What a concept huh?  I think we get busy in our day to day, we forget about those closest to us and TIME we should be spending with them instead of work stuff, appointment stuff.  I know all of that "stuff" is necessary for life to go round, but let us not be so busy we forget about the ones around us.  

When was the last time you called an old friend just to say hi - or spend time with them?
When was the last time you called your mother, your father, or brother or sister and asked them to just spend time with them?

Our value is not set on WHAT we do for a living but HOW we spend our time.  I, myself have to consciously remember to reach out and spend time with the people most important to me.  Let's do it!  Let's do it together and even as a society.  I am not talking a Facebook post or text, I mean a genuine phone call or visit, or lunch or coffee....Connect.....it will do your soul good!

Of course if you want to come by and say hi and spend some time talking about property management and/or real estate...come by or call Top Notch. 

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